Strawberry Energy Visual Identity

Strawberry energy is developing solar powered urban furniture for smart and sustainable cities. Our mission is to enhance people’s experience in public spaces and provide them with energy and connectivity on thego. Strawberry’s smart street furniture brings the Internet of Things to outdoor public spaces that people visit daily, improving urban living by making cities smarter and more convenient to live in.
With devices like the Smart Bench, Strawberry is creating the next generation of Urban Furniture for Smart Cities by providing people on the go with a full battery, WiFi, relevant local info & more. Now in 30 cities, Strawberry is raising to expand its network of smart furniture to new cities.
By 2030 the world will have 41 mega cities with 10+ million people: cities are the future. We've found that the infrastructure of most cities is unprepared to meet the needs of growing urban populations, and hasn't changed for decades. People are dependant on their smartphones and need easy access to both energy and connectivity wherever they are.
With award-winning devices like the Smart Bench, Strawberry creates furniture for Smart Cities to answer those needs. Smart Bench is a 100% solar powered hub that provides phone charging, WiFi, air quality sensing & local information.
Cities often do not have the agility or budgets to answer trends as quickly as needed, so we offer networks of Smart Benches free of charge to cities & people. We sell commercial sponsorship rights to brand our furniture across the network to brands that want to engage with people in an innovative way.
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